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Think beyond technology. Transform your business with our Digital Solutions today.

Digital Manufacturing

Factory digitalization and Smart Factory vision is blended with Sustainability values by VB digital manufacturing solutions. Our industrial 4.0 technologies helped direct digital manufacturing goals. 
Digitalization in manufacturing has been the new normal in the digital manufacturing companies. VB Expert team has been Identifying the applicable digital manufacturing technologies and implementing the tool engineering and digital manufacturing and design the holistic digital factory solutions for the client. Our digital manufacturing industry 4.0 solutions are powered with latest Industrial IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Analytics. 
Our digital manufacturing examples have become the industry case studies for digital manufacturing process

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Digital Twins

Our digital twin manufacturing solutions are built with state of the art digital twin technology. WisTwin™ a Trademark and patented digital twin solutions from the VB Group has been implemented across the industries globally.  WisTwin™, A wise Digital Twin for the industry since many years. The digital twinning solution is deployed both on premises and on cloud as the requirement of the companies using digital twins. WisTwin™ digital twins are ready to deploy on any cloud structure including but not limited to AWS, Azure, GCP.

 IIOT & Emulation

We build the actual 3D model  and Digital Twin the system to replicate your real twin. Choose from the vast library of IOT device and sensor of your application and integrate it with the digital twin and emulate it. WisTwin™, Digital twin and IOT solutions are both manufactured in VB Home compound. Our digital twin in industry 4.0 solutions has gained its own reputation for Digital twin for manufacturing has been never so easy and WisTwin™ has been the custom digital twin in manufacturing industry for every domain.

Detailed Engineering

VB is a pioneer in Detailed engineering service provider. VB globally delivered design and detailed engineering services for Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Pharma, Warehouse and many other industries. Our expert team in Process, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation and architectural services has created the most sustainable and lean engineering models for the industries.

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Reverse Engineering

Brown field projects are no more a challenge in digital manufacturing. Product to infrastructure level reverse engineering is delivered by VB expert Team. A point cloud data expert team using the 3D scanners and HD reverse engineering equipment we build and develop the digital twin of the system for the use.

Simulation & META

VB has been solving the problems with simulation from past decade. Develop and analyse the digital twin and experiment various scenarios and possibilities with system. Integrated META will enable the customer to walk & operate the system wll before its built saving the time, efforts and money.

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